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A one stop shop for all your art needs!

With artists, gamers, deviants, optimists, and idealists all under one roof!

We've been on that Super Mushroom for two years now 'cause we just keep on growing! (pun intended)

With our noses buried deep in art, we're on our way to take over the game art industry!

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Faryal M Hussain


My never ending to-do-list:
-make art
-be art
-art art art

Muhammad Nafey


Forge a bond with imagination and a link with divinity for imitation is the death of creativity.

Nida Nadeem

BizDev | Strategist

Keepin' wild ideas handy, scrolling through instagram for dopamine and talking about what makes the journey worth it!

Noor Elahi

Illustration Artist

Not all heroes wear capes. Like me, I can save the world with a wacom tablet and Photoshop!

Humza Khan

Concept Artist

My life revolves around Anime, Manga, Comic books and movies. You'll find me glued to my screen no matter the weather.

We're the art heroes you need and deserve!


254 Main Boulevard, Phase 6 Lahore, Pakistan.

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